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Hokkaido has magnificent natural sceneries located at the northernmost tip of Japan and surrounded by seas. It is home to the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site, lush mountains, and Japan's most extensive marshland. Many flights from major cities across Japan fly to Hokkaido, with well-connected regional air routes. International flights fly to New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido's leading gateway to the skies, as well as to Asahikawa Airport and Hakodate Airport.

Recommended Itineraries

  • Nature

    A vacation in Dohoku, amidst an abundant natural landscape and National Heritage Sites of Shiretoko and Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park

  • Adventure

    A 5-day trip trekking and venturing out in the remote islands of the northernmost area of Japan

  • Culture & Heritage

    Celebrate the registration of this World Heritage Site! A 4-day trip to Jomon prehistoric sites and the National Ainu Museum that will indulge your intellectual curiosity

  • Hot Springs & Well-being

    Experience Ainu culture at Lake Akan and visit some of the most famous hot springs of eastern Hokkaido

  • Gastronomy

    From New Chitose to Tokachi. 3 days of enjoying magnificent views and sweets from Hokkaido

  • City

    Sapporo & Otaru: Winter Classic Model Course, 3-Nights, 4-Day Entry and departure from New Chitose Airport

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