2nights 3days

A vacation in Dohoku, amidst an abundant natural landscape and National Heritage Sites of Shiretoko and Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park Arrive at Memanbetsu Airport and depart from Tancho Kushiro Airport

The World Natural Heritage Site Shiretoko features an untouched natural landscape. View the roadless old-growth forest from a tourist boat and watch animals in the night forest. After exploring the forest, dotted with the Shiretoko Five Lakes, enjoy Minomachi, Kushiro’s famous Kushiro ramen. On the final day, travel to the Kushiro Wetlands and experience a canoe ride through the meandering Kushiro River. Enjoy Hokkaido’s famous nature while traveling across Doto with this three-day trip. Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape that spans all the way to the horizon.

Course Outline

DAY1 +more

Memanbetsu Airport Memanbetsu Airport

Memanbetsu Airport

2.5 hours by bus and taxi

Shiretoko Peninsula Utoro Cruise

5-10 minutes on foot or by taxi

DAY2 +more

30 minutes by bus from Utoro Onsen to Shiretoko Five Lakes

Take a 4-hour bus and train trip from Shiretoko Five Lakes to Kushiro Station, and stay the night near the station.

DAY3 +more