Sapporo Recommended nightlife spot: Enjoy the town that never sleeps, Susukino

Susukino is one of Japan’s representative entertainment districts. Lit up with Nikka highball and Sapporo beer neon signs, it’s a nightlife district bustling every day of the week with locals and tourists alike. Packed and lined with cafes, bars and izakaya, Susukino is an exciting town even with a casual glance at it. Coming to Sapporo means Susukino at night. Have fun and enjoy these essential spots in the town!

Hachikyo, main branch

The interior of the restaurants are decorated with fishermen’s banners and fish-luring lights to create an atmosphere of guard lodges where fishermen gather.

A seafood izakaya that is truly representative of Hokkaido. Their specialty is ganso tsukko meshi, a must-see performance of culinary delight. As its deliciousness shouts out in delight, a voluminous amount salted salmon roe overflows on a bowl of hot rice. Enjoy high class, rich-in-flavor-and-texture salted salmon roe that has been carefully selected. There are many other recommended dishes to enjoy such as freshly caught and sweet sea urchin and meaty mackerel from Rausu, on the other side of Hokkaido.

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Hyosetsu no Mon

Enjoy feasting on crab courses here in this calm and quiet private room.

Established in 1964, Hyosetsu no Mon is one of Japan’s unique red king crab specialty restaurants. With a focus on red king crab, enjoy course meals or a la carte options for both hair and snow crabs. The head chef carefully selects the meatiest, sweets and succulent crabs for diners. We recommend the Hyosetsu no Mon red king crab course. It is a full course that fully features deliciousness of red king crab in all forms which you can enjoy: sashimi, charcoal grilled and shabu-shabu. If you want to eat and the compare the different crabs, the Three Big crab course is highly recommended. From freshly boiled hair crab to charcoal-grilled red king crab to snow crab in shabu-shabu hot pot, our restaurant features a large variety of delicious gems that truly make the locals happy.

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Jingisukan Daruma, main branch

Since its establishment in 1954, Jingisukan Daruma has been proud of its popularity as a jingisukan specialty restaurant, a grilled mutton and vegetable dish. Jingisukan is considered to be Hokkaido’s soul food, with many people from around the country craving fresh mutton meat and its secret sauce. Daruma mutton is addictive for its fragrant smell, ripe and meaty texture filled with umami flavor. You’ll want to eat it again and again. The proprietress herself makes the secret sauce with a slightly fresh and sweet sauce that goes well with rice. Enjoy the end of your meal Daruma-style, by putting the sauce on some rice and enjoying it with some hot coarse tea to finish the meal.

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Night parfait-specialty shop, Nanakamado

Having parfaits at night is becoming more common throughout the country nowadays. Originated in Sapporo, having a parfait after drinks or dinner to finish off your meal is one cultural aspect of this area. Nanakamado is a popular specialty store, with an endless line of people waiting to get in. The selection of parfaits that use plenty of seasonal fruits changes depending on the season. All the parfaits have a characteristic Japanese taste to them and the finished product is like fine art. So fine, you wouldn’t to eat it. Each selection in the menu is a burst of emotion that has their own individual taste and carefully selected ingredients to balance out the flavors.

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"Single malt Yoichi" bearing the name of the birthplace of Nikka Whiskey.

Out of all the NIKKA BARs in the country, this one is the only to have the article “THE” at the beginning of the name, to show that it’s the flagship store. It’s a genuine shot bar that will satisfy all the grown-ups in the group. Nikka Whisky is an authentic whiskey that was created by (and later called) the father of Japanese whiskeys, Masataka Taketsuru, in Yochi City, Hokkaido. Whisky fans will love THE NIKKA BAR as it features the Single Cask Yoichi, a whiskey to receive the highest marks in the U.K. and other important whiskeys that the bar is proud to feature. The bar also has wine, original cocktails, snacks and a relaxing atmosphere for patrons to spend a luxurious time in. Tip your glasses in the birthplace of NIKKA here in Hokkaido and be charmed by the flavors that you can only enjoy here.

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After tasting the finest foods that Susukino in Hokkaido has to offer, drop on by KING∞XMHU. It is the largest dance club in northern Japan. All three floors have different themes and feature the latest acoustics and lighting shows for patrons to enjoy a wide variety of dance music. Patrons can also enjoy chill time with music and alcohol in the VIP rooms. The club also has special offers for ladies-only all-you-drink and ladies-only seats. Enjoy a hot girls night out in Sapporo!