Photo: Hakodate/ <br> Goryokaku Tower
Photo: Biei/<br>Shirogane blue pond
Photo: wakkanai /<br>wakkanai Kohoku Breakwater Dome
Photo: Otaru/ <br> Otaru Canal
Photo: Shibecha /<br>Toro Lake - Kushiro River Nature canoe tour
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Hokkaido has various characteristics depending on the region. Each of the seven airports around the world is the gateway to a different journey. The moment you arrive at the airport, the door to a wonderful trip to Hokkaido opens.

Map: Hokkaido
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Hokkaido has nature, experience, cultural facilities,
It is scattered around the hot springs.
Depart from the Airport, which is full of charm in Hokkaido,
Model course to go around by train, bus, etc.
Introducing sightseeing spots.

Recommended sightseeing spots
Photo: Sapporo TV Tower
Sapporo TV Tower
Photo: Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa
Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo
Photo: Cape Soya
Cape Soya
Photo: Akan Nature Center (Canoe Tour)
Akan Nature Center (Canoe Tour)
Photo: Shiretoko Goko Lakes
Shiretoko Goko Lakes
Photo: Banei Tokachi (Obihiro Racecourse)
Banei Tokachi (Obihiro Racecourse)
Photo: Mt.Hakodate Observatory
Mt.Hakodate Observatory
List of tourist attractions

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we'll give you easy directions on how to get to trains and buses to major cities and how to buy tickets.